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Basement Remodeling

September 25th, 2022

Making Preliminary Repairs before Basement Remodeling Construction The second major item that should be addressed before tackling a basement remodeling project is taking care of any problems that exist in the basement. For example if there are cracks in the foundation walls or floor, they need to be repaired before starting the basement remodeling project. Also, if there are leaking or sweating pipes they should be repaired before remodeling starts. In addition, if the basement remodeling plans include plumbing that will require demolition of some of the basement floor it is critical to do this before the rest of the basement remodeling project starts.

Also you should consider the size and location of the furnace. You need to determine if the existing furnace will be adequate to properly heat the newly remodeled basement area? If it is not, a larger furnace may be required. You also need to consider the location of the furnace and the noise it generates. If the furnace is going to be located near a finished basement area then you may need to wall off and properly insulate the furnace room from the finished basement area. You may also need to modify the furnace design such that fresh air is pulled in from the outside of the home. Insulation of the exterior walls should also be considered. During the framing/construction phase, rigid Styrofoam insulation can be installed to help make the remodeled basement area warmer. Consider insulation requirements before starting the basement remodeling project.

Basement Remodeling and Lighting One of the most important aspects of a basement remodeling project is the lighting. A finished basement that is naturally dark is very uninviting for family members and guests. To address this problem, your basement remodeling plans should consider adding natural light wherever possible. If the foundation has concrete knee walls, consider framing in windows above the knee walls. If the basement has a walk out area, consider installing glass sliders or French doors.

In addition to adding natural light to the basement, consider installing can lights in the ceiling, and sconces on the walls. They can really brighten up the basement area and make the space into a warm and inviting area.

Basement Remodeling Floor Layout Tips When developing the floor layout of your basement remodeling project, consider putting bedrooms and recreation areas near the natural light areas, e.g. near the walkout sliders.

If a home theater or wine cellar is part of your basement remodeling goals, locate them in areas of the basement where natural lighting is not required.